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What We Do

Criterion provides affordable web and mobile accessibility compliance solutions (WCAG, ADA, Section 508, and AODA) to businesses and government agencies.  We assist our clients to achieve long-term WCAG compliance for their:


Web Applications


Mobile Apps

"Real World" Web Accessibility Auditing

At Criterion, we believe the best way to ensure WCAG compliance is to ask accessibility experts with disabilities!  “Real World” accessibility testing requires input from experts with disabilities because, in the world of ADA, Section 508, and AODA, their disability is a skill set people without disabilities can’t replicate!  Our WCAG audit teams includes 2 senior application developers and 3 expert auditors with disabilities who thoroughly identify and document WCAG and functional accessibility failures found in websites, web applications, software, and mobile apps.


Learn more about accessibility limitations and legal risks associated with using Web Accessibility Scanning Tools, Website Accessibility Plugins, and Website Accessibility Overlays.

Our Clients Include

The Business of Web Accessibility

From a technical perspective, achieving WCAG compliance is a straightforward process that requires a corporate mandate, IT resources, and budget. However, Criterion’s premium web accessibility package also assists clients with long-term WCAG compliance by introducing best practices in the following areas:

Accessibility Tools Selection

Govt. Contract Support & VPATs

Vendor Management Support

WCAG Legal Support

Advanced WCAG Training

Marketing Accessibility

Corporate Communications

Web Accessibility Statements

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