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Since 2001, Criterion has performed more than 2,500 ADA Website Compliance audits for Fortune 500 corporations, mid-sized businesses, and government agencies. In addition to ADA website compliance, Criterion also specializes in Section 508 Compliance and Canada ACA & AODA Compliance for:


Web Applications

Mobile Apps


Avoid ADA Website Compliance Litigation

Question: Since 2001, how many clients have been sued over WCAG non-compliance after working with Criterion?

Answer: None! 

On the other hand, relying on automated website scanning tools, plug-ins, or accessibility overlays will not mitigate your legal risks.  Learn more about the limitations of these shortcuts! Learn More.

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Do you need help achieving WCAG compliance? Schedule a free 45-minute video consultation and you will receive a preliminary review of your website or mobile app, answers to your questions, and expert recommendations for your next steps!  Get started today by submitting the Request a Free Consultation form located in the upper right-hand corner of this page!

"Real World" WCAG Compliance Testing

Question: How do I know if my website is accessible? 

Answer: Start by asking people with disabilities!  At Criterion, we ensure your website’s WCAG compliance by including 2 senior application developers and 3 expert auditors with disabilities on every project team! Our auditor’s “Real World” accessibility testing skills cannot be matched by automated WCAG compliance shortcuts.

Our Clients Include:

The Business of Website Accessibility Compliance

From a technical perspective, achieving Website Accessibility is a straightforward process that requires a corporate mandate, IT resources, and budget. However, Criterion’s Premium Web Accessibility package also assists clients with long-term compliance by introducing best practices in the following areas:

Accessibility Tools Selection

Govt. Contract Support & VPATs

Vendor Management Support

WCAG Legal Support

Advanced WCAG Training

Marketing Accessibility

Corporate Communications

Web Accessibility Statements