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Criterion was founded in 2001 by accessibility expert Anna Bradley, M.S., Ed.S.  Twenty years later, her drive for excellence and passion for helping businesses has established the company as a clear leader in web accessibility testing.  Above all, the large number of Fortune 500 companies who put their trust in Criterion shows they are doing something different.  Something that isn’t available with automated testing tools alone.  So, what is it that makes Criterion different?

We employ accessibility experts who dedicate to fighting for you.  Not just to get your project compliant, but ensure it stays that way.  As a result, our team focuses on creating the best experience possible for your customers.  Our team has been hand-selected because of their expertise in disability testing.  They consist of participants writing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), active team members with disabilities, and web disability enthusiasts.  In addition, we ensure our auditors are the best equipped to achieve success at the highest levels.  In doing this, we have created an unbeatable group of experts.

From the beginning of our relationship with clients, we pride ourselves on being a white-glove service that offers what no one else can.  We are a proud team that leads, trains, and helps you with your web accessibility needs.

Part of Criterion’s testing does consist of the latest accessibility scanning technology.  Because of this, we can do what our competition does – only better.  In addition to scanning, our hands-on approach means that our auditors test every page of your project.  If you don’t see this value, try scanning your project with two different automated scanners.  The difference in results indicates that a source of help and guidance is needed to help navigate this otherwise confusing process.  What should you use?  Are all these fixes required?  Why isn’t one scanner picking up things that the other one does?

It’s not enough to flag WCAG guidelines during an accessibility audit.  To ensure our clients understand the underlying issues behind each WCAG issue, Criterion provides details in every JIRA ticket we create during our audit process.

These include:

  1. Define the intent of the WCAG guideline
  2. Describe the applicable WCAG success criterion failed
  3. Provide a screenshot or before and after source code examples
  4. Provide detailed instructions to repair the issue
  5. Provide step-by-step instructions to test the repair for WCAG compliance

Included in our testing, we offer and suggest that teams use our best-in-class training.  Sharing our training courses with your company is a sure way to get your project to where it needs to be – and keep it there.  Creating more team-leading experts in accessibility is our goal.

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Industry Recognition & Awards

Small Business Administration Woman Entrepreneur Achievement Award

Recognized by the State of Iowa Legislature

Commission of Persons with Disabilities Entrepreneur of the Year Award

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