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Founded in 2000 by respected web accessibility expert Anna Bradley, M.S., Ed.S, Criterion is proud to be celebrating our 20th-anniversary providing premium web accessibility solutions to Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and mid-sized businesses. We also continue to be delighted in our ability to create long-term employment opportunities for people of all abilities!

Criterion has received numerous industry recognition and awards for our comprehensive suite of Section 508 and ADA web compliance solutions and for creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities in an industry where a disability is a highly valued skill that people without disabilities cannot replicate.  Section 508 and ADA web compliance testing requires input from experts with disabilities. At Criterion we deliver “Real World” test results to our clients by including WCAG experts with disabilities on every audit team!

Specializing In Knowledge Transfer

Inaccessible websites, applications, and mobile apps exist due to fundamental knowledge gaps in user interface design, development, QA, and maintenance.  Consequently, Criterion places a heavy emphasis on knowledge transfer throughout every project by providing clients with access to our advanced WCAG online training courses and customized WCAG compliant JIRA instance. 

It is not enough for a web accessibility audit to simply flag a WCAG guideline failure. It is also critical to document the intent of the guideline, applicable success criterion failed, provide a screenshot or before and after source code example, instructions about how to make the appropriate repair, and what steps to follow to successfully test the repair to ensure the accessibility barrier was in fact eliminated. By resolving these pre-existing web accessibility knowledge gaps, Criterion empowers clients to successfully maintain their Section 508 and ADA web compliance long-term.

Many firms offer technical solutions to web accessibility, but few firms have 20 years of experience in assisting clients with the related business and organizational issues, which also impact long-term Section 508 and ADA web compliance. Criterion helps clients to create accessibility best practices to align their existing business processes in support of long-term web accessibility compliance.

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Industry Recognition & Awards

Small Business Administration Woman Entrepreneur Achievement Award

Recognized by the State of Iowa Legislature

Commission of Persons with Disabilities Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Featured in Inc. Magazine