Mobile Testing Capabilities & Experience


Criterion has years of mobile accessibility testing experience working with hundreds of clients to ensure WCAG & ADA web compliance in their mobile web sites and apps. Our mobile accessibility experience includes testing Native iOS & Android Apps, Responsive Websites, Mobile Web, and Hybrid Apps. We make sure that your website and app is accessible to all users with disabilities and it operates with a keyboard or alternative input devices, like a switch control. We also ensure keyboard focus is visible while tabbing, that the focus order is logical for screen reader and keyboard users, and all other WCAG accessible design and development requirements are followed.

iOS & Android Native Mobile Apps

Criterion has tested and reported accessibility issues for hundreds of Native iOS & Android Apps. We will provide Mobile Accessibility Training to teach your developers how to use the iOS and Android Native Accessibility APIs to write accessible code for users with disabilities.

Responsive Websites

Modern websites now respond to mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes and often show different user interfaces for a phone user vs. a desktop user. Criterion has extensive experience testing responsive desktop and mobile websites, while advising our clients on how to apply WCAG and ADA guidelines to mobile testing.

Mobile Web & Hybrid Apps

Mobile websites are designed to look and feel like a native app but take advantage of developers existing knowledge of HTML, CSS, & JavaScript. Hybrid apps take mobile web/HTML views and place them into a native application wrapper so they can be released in the iOS and Google Play App Stores. Criterion has the experience and knowledge to identify special mobile WCAG accessibility requirements when testing Mobile Web & Hybrid Apps.

Mobile Accessibility QA Testing & Training

If your QA team is responsible for mobile accessibility testing, our online mobile training courses will teach them how to apply Section 508, ADA web compliance, and WCAG guidelines to their Mobile QA Accessibility Testing processes.

Mobile Design & Wireframes Accessibility

The best approach to accessible mobile design and development is to add WCAG accessibility requirements and properties at the earliest design stages of development, e.g. Wireframes, Mockups, User Specification Documents, etc. Criterion can help your mobile team integrate accessibility requirements into early design stages to resolve accessibility issues before your mobile app goes to QA testing. 

"When it came time for us to choose a vendor for Section 508 and WCAG compliance, Criterion 508 Solutions, Inc. was superior among the rest. Our company was extremely impressed by their knowledge, professionalism, and exceptional service. In addition, they also provided my team with comprehensive online training and around-the-clock technical support to help us reach our goals and deadlines."

- Online Retailer