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Web Accessibility Expertise

For 16 years, Criterion 508 Solutions, Inc. has provided web accessibility compliance solutions to over 1,000 corporations and government agencies. Criterion offers the industry’s most competitively priced solutions to ensure compliance with applicable laws, standards and guidelines, including the ADA, WCAG , Section 508, Section 504, AODA, CVAA and EU Mandate 376.

The Best Choice in Every Way

With a comprehensive suite of web accessibility solutions designed to support successful long-term program management, Criterion helps our customers comply with web accessibility mandates by providing industry leading subject matter experts, end-users with disabilities testing, automated HTML validation, online training programs, organizational consulting and fanatical customer support.

  • Every audit team consists of at least five WCAG experts and end-users with disabilities who are responsible for manually testing All unique web pages, not just a small sample.
  • Every audit utilizes five different assistive technologies, not just one or two.
  • Every project includes ELearning based training for our customer’s project managers, web developers, QA testers and content developers.
  • Every audit includes automated HTML validation scanning.
  • Every customer is assigned a dedicated SME, who is available nights, weekends and holidays, to assist with technical support and troubleshooting.
  • Every customer receives extensive Section 508 and WCAG compliance documentation.
  • Every customer is offered the most competitive pricing in the industry, often resulting in a savings of 25% to 50%!

WCAG and Section 508 Compliance Documentation

Upon project completion, Criterion provides our clients with the following extensive documentation:

  • WCAG 2.0 Audit Report & Compliance Certificate
  • Section 508 Audit Report & Compliance Certificate
  • Voluntary Product Accessibility Statement (VPAT )
  • Website Accessibility Statement

Mobile Accessibility

Recent government estimates report an astounding 77% of all mobile smartphone owners use their mobile phones while shopping for products or services. Mobile accessibility testing by Criterion will ensure that your site is compliant with WCAG mobile accessibility requirements. Utilizing a variety of mobile devices, including Android and iOS, your site will be validated against WCAG Mobile Accessibility best practices guidelines. Criterion’s Mobile Accessibility testing will thoroughly document all mobile accessibility issues that would negatively impact end-user experiences by individuals with disabilities.

Questions? Call +1 (888) 508 EXPERTS to discuss your Web Accessibility compliance requirements!

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